Friday, February 6, 2015

Moving Forward

I meant to write yesterday but Logan had a snow day and I was still catching up on rest from our trip on Wednesday. We took Landon back to Cincinnati on Wednesday to see the audiologist and ENT. The audiologist did a hearing test (which will be done every visit). He hears great from his left ear (good ear) and hears great from his right (bad ear) with his BAHA. He still isn't talking and saying as many words for kids his age so she put in a referral to have a speech evaluation done in Cincinnati. That will happen sometime in April or May. He is in speech therapy here at home but a speech therapist through Cincinnati Children's would be an added bonus because they work with kids with Landon's ear condition all the time. The good news is they will able to find somebody local that works with kids with hearing impairments so we don't always have to travel back and forth. This make me happy because we continue to move forward with more speech therapy for Landon. 

We also saw the ENT who just checked his ears from the outside. We confirmed again the chances of reconstruction on his middle ear is 50/50. We confirmed when Landon could get the permanent BAHA implant which is 5 years old because the skull is still thickening between now then. However he said that he can petition in cases with severe speech delay so if Landon is still struggling around 4 years old then he could get the permanent BAHA implant at 4 instead of waiting. 

They both want to see Landon again in 6 months so some time in August we will be going to see them. I will be taking Landon by myself to his speech evaluation so we don't have to take all three kids with us. Of course I will update the blog about the speech evaluation. 

All in all our visit this time went very well. I'm thrilled to continue to move forward on this journey of Microtia with Landon. I hope we can continue to seek out all the help we can get for him and continue seeking for the best people to care for Landon and to work with us. 

Wednesday was Liam's first road trip and he did really well. We had a friend who volunteered to keep Logan for us while we took Landon to the appointments so that decreased some stress off of us. It also allowed Logan to play and not be cooped up with us at doctor appointments. 

We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A and Landon was able to play instead of being in a stroller/carseat. 

Here are some pictures from our day trip:

Through everything, I have a lot faith, hope, and love.

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