Saturday, February 28, 2015

Catching Up

The past two weeks has been busy and wonderful! Rob and I were able to have a date night for Valentine's Day, Liam turned 6 months old, I got a new camera, we got a new to us van, and we moved to an actual house. Amongst all of this, we also got some crazy weather (almost a foot of snow). We moved in the midst of all the snow and ice. Thanks to good friends and family we were able to move within a week and we are now settled into our new house.

Through it all the boys did great! We think all three of them are excited to be in an actual house and not a trailer. There are still more changes to come for them. For Landon, new therapists to work with him through First Steps and for Logan, a new school and new friends.

The move and all of these new changes came/are coming fast but one thing we made sure to do was to take breaks and explain to the boys about all of these changes. We made sure to have family time in this busy period that we are in. I am so thankful that the boys are at the ages where they are resilient and bounce back quickly. Family is so important to us and setting time aside as a family even in busy seasons of life, I think, helps with adjusting to new changes.

I kept going back and forth on if this move was a good thing but God got a hold of me the other day and helped me to see the blessings He has given to me within this past month. He has given me what I have asked for and I feel awful for even doubting what He has clearly planned. My attitude quickly changed and I am seeing that this move was a huge blessing for us and I am so thankful we found a house!

Now that we are settled, I will be able to pick up my writing again!

Below are pictures of our new house (will post more pictures in a different post)     and of the boys over the past few weeks.

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