Saturday, January 31, 2015

Anxious Changing

I titled my post rightfully so. We go back to Cincinnati on Feb. 4 with Landon and I'm anxious about the appointments we have. We will first be meeting with the audiologist to discuss how Landon is doing and he will receive another hearing test to make sure he is still hearing okay with his BAHA and out of his left ear. We also will be seeing the ENT and discuss his progress. One thing I'm hoping we will be able to set up is that we arrange to have speech therapy appointments done in Cincinnati to go along with the First Steps speech therapy he receives here at home. Landon is doing very well with saying new words but he still does not meet the requirements for his age. We are hoping to join with a speech therapist who is trained and works with children with Microtia.

While I'm anxious for that, there are changes here at home that I have been a little anxious about. We moved Logan and Landon into the same room and Liam is in his own room in the nursery. Landon has figured out how to climb out of his crib so we will be converting his bed into a toddler bed. Landon is definitely growing up and hitting many milestones right when he needs to be. It makes me anxious because the more milestones he hits, the less dependent he will be on me. I know he needs to grow up just like his older brother, Logan. I am accepting all of these changes as they come and will enjoy them as well.

It has been a busy month for us. I dove back into  homeschooling with the boys and we stayed on track this month! Our books this month were: Olivia, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, and Peek-A-Who. We studied the letters J, U,
and I. February we are on track to read the books: Jamberry, The Story of Valentine's Day, and The Going to Bed Book. We are going to study the letter V. Our shapes this month will a star and a heart.

Here are the crafts we did to go with our letters of the month. 

I cannot take all the credit for coming up with these crafts. Pinterest and other crafty moms came up with these ideas. Both Logan and Landon have so much fun with these crafts and it really is a great bonding time for me and them. Liam definitely keeps me busy since he nurses a lot so finding time to sit down and spend one on one time with Logan and Landon is challenging. I do believe they are learning through the crafts!
I will post an update of our Cincinnati trip and how we are doing wit homeschooling for February!
Enjoy some pictures from this month:

I hope you continue to follow my blog and even share it. As always, I live my life with a lot of faith, hope, and love!


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