Saturday, October 25, 2014

2 Months Old

 My newest little man turned 2 months old on Saturday. How is that possible? I need to stop blinking because all three of my boys are growing too quickly! Liam had his 2 month appointment on the 16th. He is weighing in at 12lbs., 11oz., and 23inches long. He is in the 60th percentile for both weight and height. I am nursing him! I am so glad he is thriving very well with me nursing him. Nursing was something I couldn't succeed well with Landon or Logan. Liam seems to have very sensitive skin so we have ditched disposable diapers (except for night time and outings in which we use Pampers) and switched to cloth diapers. Again, I'm having success with it and only wish I could have done it with Logan and Landon. We only move forward from here, right?

Liam is 2 months old and we are finally getting on a fairly predictable schedule. Being a mom of three I have to learn to juggle. I've learned what I needed to juggle to make sure all 3 boys are happy. Logan and Landon are used to Liam and getting used to our new schedule or new 'normal'. I think I can finally say, I've got this being a mom of 3 almost mastered. I would be lying if I didn't say we do have our moments of chaos. I lean on God for my strength to get us through those moments of chaos. I can feel God is with me and providing me with the strength to manage all 3 during the chaos. I wouldn't trade the chaos for anything. When I have friends volunteer to take Logan and Landon for a little bit, the house too quiet. I love the noise that the boys make. I've learned to stop worrying about the messes. They do cleaned up in their own timing. I focus on what the boys need and want: their mommy!

Recently, Landon and Logan will play together in Logan's room which helps greatly. They play well and they are learning to work out their disputes. With them playing in another room, it allows me to take a breather and allows Liam to have a little quiet time too. Speaking of Liam again, a swing was purchased for us and he loves it. It gives me another spot to put him besides his bouncy seat and allows me to spend time with Logan and Landon while Liam is settled and happy.

I'm only 2 months into having more kids than hands and the best advice I received and can give now is to focus first on the important priorities and everything else will fall into place. I know I write a lot about this but sharing and writing keeps reminding me of it. I've been truly blessed with three boys.

I'm so excited for this time of year and the holidays coming. I can't wait to get Liam in all those outfits of First Thanksgiving and First Christmas. Landon will understand more this year what the holidays are and so will Logan (who is already singing Jingle Bells). The holiday season is very busy so if I don't get to write, it is because we are busy. I will do my best to update on our family!

Here are some pictures from October:

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