Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Good Therapy

Back in February/March I began doing something that was suggested to me by a friend a while back. That is to write bible verses on note cards and hang them around my house. Since then, it has been good therapy. As a busy mother to 3 boys I don't always get a chance to really sit down and study God's word (I know I need to) so writing bible verses on note cards is my way of studying God's word. It also helps me to find a verse that fits with what I am feeling or experiencing everyday. Seeing them around my home is a great reminder that God is present and that I need Him more and more every day.
If you are in need of some good therapy, I highly suggest to write bible verses down on note cards and to hang them around your home. Each time you see them they can encourage you and remind you that God is with you too.
Here are the ones I have up so far (I have many more written down that I still need to hang up):

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