Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nothing Will Stand In His Way

I love seeing Landon excel so much with his BAHA as well as in other areas of his development. He really is not letting anything stand in his way. He is determined to do everything his big brother does. While the world may view Landon's ear condition as a disability, we view it as a blessing. A blessing that we hope we can use to help others and witness our faith to others.

Seeing Landon's determination helps put things in perspective for me. When Landon was born and we knew he a deformed ear, all of me just wanted to protect him and hover over him. Seeing his determination to do things makes me want to give him the freedom he needs to learn and explore. He isn't letting his deformed ear stop him. I shouldn't let his deformed ear stop him either. As you read in my last post, his big brother doesn't see anything wrong with Landon. I wish the world would have that child like attitude as well. Not just with kids like Landon but with all kids who have a disability.

I write this post because this past week Landon has decided that he did not need his high chair anymore and he now sits at our kitchen table like a big boy with his brother. Landon has also been determined to climb up everything. He believes he can do anything, even when we tell him he will fall if he climbs on something. His determination is going to take him very far in life.

I am letting go more and more to let Landon discover his world. He is proving to us he can do everything that he sets his mind to. His BAHA he wears to hear only helps him a little bit. It is his heart and mind that helps him the rest of the way. I hope that I am doing/will do a good job to continue to instill in him to be determined and not let anything stand in his way.

I know that as I let go and let Landon grow, the Lord has him in His hands. God will always be with Landon even when I cannot. God is setting a path for Landon and I can see glimpses of that path now. It brings me peace and comfort to see those glimpses.The two verses I have included below in the pictures have been my theme verses with Landon. God has a plan for Landon and the more we see of that plan, the more I know God is preparing something huge for Landon's life. Of course I am clinging to that with all the faith and hope I have.

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