Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crafts And More

I have not written in a while. I have been quite busy with my two sweet and energetic boys. The ages 3 and 1 can be tiresome but those ages are also a blast. I know I always talk about how much fun the ages of my boys are, but it is true.

What has kept me from writing? Besides the boys, I have honestly been really tired. Not just from keeping up with the boys but also because Rob and I are expecting our third baby! I have not announced on here because I wanted to make sure everyone knew before publicly announcing through my blog. We are due August 30, 2014. We do not know the gender yet, we find out on April 14. Being pregnant and keeping up with a 3 year old and 1 year old has kept me from sitting down to write. When my boys rest, I want to rest with them.

On the days that the boys have a lot of energy, we do crafts. March has been a great month for us to do crafts. As you know, I have been trying my hand at homeschooling Logan on the days he doesn't attend preschool. This month our book has been The Three Little Pigs so we have made crafts to go with that book. St. Patrick's Day is in March so we did some St. Patrick's Day crafts. Spring has began to sprung so we are working on spring crafts/activities and beginning some Easter crafts as well. Logan really loves to sit down to paint and color. So I take those opportunities to work with him on crafts and I try to incorporate learning numbers, letters, etc. Landon even will join in. Crafts have been a great teaching tool for me to use with the boys. Many of the crafts we do I have found on Pinterest but have put my own twist on it or I have changed it up a little bit to make it easier for a 3 year old.

We also have been trying to spend more time together as family in the evenings when Rob gets home from work. We value family time so much. We know we are blessed to have our family. We treasure family time. We will step away from electronics and watch a movie together or we will cook dinner together and enjoy time around the dinner table.

Landon is still doing really great with his BAHA. He is able to understand what we say a lot better. His attention span is better (except for when he is tired). He is still not saying too many words but he is doing very well working with his speech therapist and his occupational therapist. Rob and I work with him in between those visits. We go to Cincinnati again on April 28. At that appointment his ENT will decide if he may need a tube in his left ear to clear out the drainage that is in there. We are hoping the drainage has drained and that he won't need a tube.

God is still working on me. I have not forgotten about my New Years Resolutions to be more compassionate, be more hospitable, and to think of myself less. There are days I do struggle with those (God and people in my life remind me when I am struggling so I can in essence 'shape' up). In those times, God reminds not to worry about 'things' but to focus on 'people' and that time with the people in my life is far more important than 'things' that need to be done.

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks.
St. Patrick's Day!

I did green eggs and green applesauce for St. Patrick's Day.

Our announcement!
Logan love painting.
The next few pictures are of the crafts I've done with the boys.

'P' is for Paint.
Bouquet of Tulips for Spring.

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