Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow and Cabin Fever

With the exception of this past weekend, we have had snow on the ground for almost two and a half weeks. Most of those days we did not even try to go out of the house, partially because our porch and sidewalk were complete ice. We got hit again with snow/ice on Sunday night. We pretty much have a case of cabin fever, except for Rob who is going to work.

What does a stay at home mom do with her kids when it is too cold outside and there is snow//ice? Good question, I'm still figuring out that question. We have had a lot of days where we watched movies. We have had stayed in our pajamas most days as well. Snow days are good days to be lazy which we have done a good job at doing that as well.

Logan and I did venture out to play in the snow but then after 10 minutes we came back in because it was too cold. I have done crafts with Logan and Landon as well and instead of watching so many movies we have been reading books to go with stuff happening this month (Substitute Groundhog, I Love You Because You're You, One Winter's Day, and Where Do Kisses Come From?). So while we may have cabin fever, we are finding stuff to do, even if it is making up a game to play.

We are itching for warmer weather. I know Logan would much rather run around outside and I would much rather go for walks with the boys. I suppose this is a way for us to learn patience and when warmer weather does come, we will appreciate it more.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks of the boys enjoying our time together.

Landon can feed himself with a spoon!

Landon wondering why he can't go out in the snow.

Playing in the snow.

Another snow day!

Lots of napping!

I Love You hand.

Logan's House.

Landon waking up and bothering Logan. This has been an everyday occurrence while we have been stuck inside.

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