Saturday, January 11, 2014

It Has Been A Year

Landon is a very happy one year old. He is walking and beginning to really talk thanks to his BAHA. My mind has wandered a lot this week because it was just a year ago that he was very sick with RSV, Pneumonia, and the H-Flu. He was in the hospital for over 20 days because his little body just could not wean from the help of the ventilator and oxygen. Here is a picture of Landon exactly a year ago today and a picture of him today (he didn't want to wear his BAHA for today's picture). As you can tell he has come a long way and you never would know he was sick a year ago. A year ago I could not get past where we were. People were telling me that it will just be a distant memory but I didn't believe them. Today, though, I believe them. The fact that Landon was sick really is just a distant memory. It does not define who he is as a one year old and will not define who he will become. The fact that we went through it and came out stronger is what defines us. If we can get through something as tough as seeing our child so sick, then we can get through anything, especially since we have faith in a God who works out everything for those that love Him and has a plan for everything, even when we don't always understand or comprehend.
Comparison Picture: 1/11/13 and 1/11/14
Happy Boy!
Don't Mess With My Food
Chilling With Frinds

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