Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas, New Year's, Illness...Oh My!

My family and I had an amazing Christmas. It was just Rob, Logan, Landon, and myself. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just being lazy and enjoying time with just the four us. The day after Christmas I traveled with the boys to my home town of Louisville, KY to see my family. It was so great to have my whole family together again. My grandparents, my two aunts, and my mom. It had been a long time since my mom was involved in a family function. She has turned her life around and our family really is blessed. Sadly, that evening, Landon threw up and spiked a high temperature. Logan also spiked a low grade temperature. I had to pack up and turn around and leave for home on Friday. I was able to get the boys in to see their doctor and it was confirmed they both had the flu. We got prescriptions for Tamiflu and orders to drink fluids and rest.

The Sunday after Christmas my in laws came to Kentucky with one of my brothers-in-law. However when they arrived I began to get sick. We are all feeling a lot better and things are slowing down and going back to normal. The past two weeks have been crazy with the holidays, illness, and other exciting life events. Since I have not blogged in a while, here my resolutions for the New Year: To love with my whole heart and not to judge anyone different than me. My other resolutions are to be kind to everyone, show compassion, and show more hospitality. This past year I got caught up in myself way too much and I am called as a Christian to be others focused so that my goal this year. 

As far as Landon's BAHA. He is doing really well with it still! He is talking a lot more! Logan has been very accepting of Landon's BAHA. Logan has a pair of sunglasses that he refers to as his BAHA. I am going to write another blog soon about Landon because a year ago he was very sick and in the hospital. I will write about how far he has come since being so sick!

For now, here are a few pictures from the last few weeks!

The boys and their BAHA's!

Christmas Eve!

Santa Came!

In Louisville!

An awesome present already!

4 Generations, minus Landon. My mom, grandma, Logan, and I.

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