Thursday, December 12, 2013


So I have been studying/researching a lot of blogs and most all of the ones I looked at had a button to click on to take their readers to their Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. I now have those icons for my readers to click on so that you can follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

This week has been an interesting week. I have my days thrown off because Logan had a snow day Monday and today Rob is off. I am excited for the weekend but I am even more excited that there are SEVEN more days until Landon gets his BAHA! We have a count down going here because we are (even Logan) all excited. We keep telling Landon that after next week he is going to be able to hear from both ears! Not only is next Wednesday a big day for him, but Monday is also a big day. He has his one year check up and I am so excited to tell his doctor that since his last visit to the pediatrician that Landon has had two visits to Cincinnati and that he will be receiving his BAHA on Wednesday. We would not be seeing the Cincinnati doctors if it were not for Landon's pediatrician referring us to them. When they referred us, we asked if Cincinnati would be a good choice. We questioned them to maybe send us to Louisville. We ended up seeing all three of the doctors at Landon's pediatrician and all three said that Cincinnati would be the best. So Cincinnati it was. As I typed that, I realized I had never told my readers the story of how we decided on Cincinnati. Well, there you have it.

This week has been, not just an interesting week, but a lazy week. I had planned to do quite a few things with Logan and homeschooling but we were just worn out from doing nothing. Yesterday I finally got my act together and we made a Christmas wreath ornament made from green pipe cleaners and a red ribbon. I found it on none other than Google. I am hoping tomorrow and Saturday we can catch up on activities since Rob will be working both of his jobs both days.

There really is no big news in this blog except that I have buttons! Yes I am excited because I hope my readers will follow me!

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