Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Delayed Gratification

The title of this post definitely fits. Our appointment today went great. The doctor did a hearing test on his good ear but there was a lot of fluid so it was hard to tell if the results are accurate. I have to make an appointment with our local pediatrician about the fluid. We know there is hearing loss in his right ear. So moving forward, she put in the order for his BAHA. We go back in January to hopefully get his BAHA. This is where the delayed gratification part comes in. We have to wait just a little bit longer. We will also see his doctor, Dr. Choo then as well. As for the fluid, if that does not work itself out he will have to have a tube put in that ear. He is teething and a little congested so I hope it is just the teething. We discussed First Steps therapy and she thinks it is great we are already on track for that. There are therapists in Cincinnati as well that we will be working with. Lots of good news today! Very hopeful for the future! 
We got to see some friends while we were on this trip and stop by a place called, Jungle Jim's. Jungle Jim's has cigars, which my husband smokes cigars on occasion. They also had a huge selection of wine which I like to drink wine on occasion. Our friend went with us to Jungle Jim's and helped with our kids so we could enjoy a little bit of time for ourselves. Thanks, Stacy!
Below are pictures of our adventure from today!

 Waiting to be called back to see the audiologist.
The view at the Mason campus.

Pictures hanging at the Mason Campus. I loved them and took pictures.

Logan showing me his lollipop.

Some cool artwork.

Stopped at Best Buy to see some friends! Logan in the Geek Squad car.

My friend Stacy and I.

Behind Jungle Jim's.

Landon determined to stay awake after a long day!

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