Thursday, October 17, 2013

It Has Been Almost 6 Months!

It has been almost 6 months since I last blogged. The summer had some unexpected circumstances arise. However I am learning from them and seeking God's wisdom to help be a better mother and wife. Through it all I am keeping the faith, having hope, and loving through the thick and thin.

Since it has been almost 6 months, as you can suspect, my boys have grown a lot, especially Landon (who is now 10 months old). Landon has earned himself the nickname, Nemo, because of his right ear Microtia (which I wrote about a few posts back).

Logan turned three on September 4 and we had a Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? themed birthday party for him. He loves that book and it really goes well with a third birthday. Logan also started pre-school on September 5. He 'graduated' from the First Steps program here in Kentucky which is an early intervention program for those that have speech/motor delays. Logan was eligible for pre-school because he qualified for further speech services. He is doing very well in pre-school. He has had just 2-3 bad days since he started but other than that he is doing well. Logan is also almost potty trained. He enjoys telling me and Rob when he has to go and running to the potty. Recently he loves to wear underwear and will tell us when he has to go. He is still in diapers at night and at pre-school (until we know he is 100% trained and won't have accidents at school). Here are some pictures of Logan over the past few months.

Logan had a great time swimming in the kid pool all summer long.
 First corn on the cob experience.
 Church picnics were fun this past summer.
 Hanging out in the KCU cafeteria.
 First Day of Preschool 9/5/2013
 Look how Logan has grown.
 Four generation picture: My grandma, my mom, me, Logan, and Landon.
 As much as they pick on each other they still love each other and will get their picture taken.
 Wiped out after his 3 year check up. He weighs 35 pounds even and is 39 and 1/2 inches tall.

Landon is 10 months old. He is still as chunky as ever. He has been healthy all summer long! He is getting teeth which have been making him feel miserable but other than teeth he has been healthy which is awesome considering the start we had to the year. He goes back to Cincinnati for his ear this Wednesday. He will get a CT scan/MRI/ultrasound. We will also see Dr. Choo while we are there. Of course, I will update because hopefully we will know the results of all the tests. Here are some pictures of Landon over the past few months.

 Landon at 5 months.
 The two pictures above are from my brother-in-law's graduation. We went to Ohio for the weekend.
 Landon at 6 months.
 Rob and the boys on Father's Day.
 Me and the boys on Father's Day.
 Logan and Landon in matching outfits...probably not the last time I will do this.
 Landon on 4th of July.
 7 months.
 8 months.
 Chilling in the stroller.
 9 months.
 Landon at his 9 month check up. He weighs 21.14lbs. and is 29 and 1/2 inches tall. Only a ten inch difference between Logan and Landon!
 10 months.
 Wearing a shirt that Rob had as a baby and that Logan had as well. 

If anything, I have learned a lot over this summer. It was a rough summer with new schedules and a lot of changes. There were times when I thought I literally wouldn't survive without a live-in grandmother or nanny. I survived. I am surviving. Recently, my perspective on my life is changing. I am blessed more than I think I am. The smiles my kids give me and the smiles they put on my face definitely trumps whatever fit they throw.

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