Monday, October 28, 2013

Fully Trained!

So the past 6 months has been an up and down roller coaster with my 3 year old. He has a will of his own and can be quite stubborn. He is the sweetest 3 year old I know and succeeds at everything he does when he sets his mind to it. One of the things he has recently succeeded at was being potty trained. I was pretty sure he would get married in diapers (as most moms think during this stage in their child's life). Today, I sent him to school in underwear and packed no diapers for him. All day, my mind just kept thinking about how Logan was doing so I couldn't wait for 2:45p.m. to roll around. When I picked him up from school his teacher said he did great! He had zero accidents and he stayed dry during their 45 minute nap time! I am over the moon because my 3 year old is growing faster and faster every day. He has been through phases and stages that I thought would never end and now I am laughing at myself thinking back on those and thinking that Logan would never get through them. I know a lot of moms can relate and if you are a mom reading this I am sure you are laughing about the phases and stages your children went through that you thought would never end.

Yes, Logan is fully trained (with the potty that is) but he is not fully trained for life. Rob and I still have a lot to teach him and other people in his life still have a lot to teach him. I don't think we are ever fully trained until after an event takes place in our lives. I think God uses events in our lives to get us fully trained for the next 'stage' in our lives. This is another way to look at things that have happened to my family and I and things that are currently happening to us. Potty training a child takes a lot of patience and practice with the child. Each stage in our lives takes a lot of patience and practice (practicing strength, faithfulness, etc.).

Instead of looking at today as just another day, look at it as another day to have patience and practice strength, love, faithfulness (or whatever God is laying on your heart to practice).

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