Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just Can't Kick It

It seems like my family just can't kick being sick. In the past week Landon was diagnosed with bronchitis and Logan was diagnosed with flu-A. Landon is on breathing treatments, a steroid, and Tamiflu. Logan is on Tylenol for his fever and Tamiflu as well.

I also was sick before Easter which made things crazy with Rob and the boys. I am feeling 100% better, which is good because I have to take care of my boys. Due to me being sick, we cancelled Landon's consultation appointment for his ear. We rescheduled for April 23. Be on the look for a blog post about his ear and Microtia. Here is a little info on what we know Landon has:

I do apologize for not writing recently, between illnesses and work I really have had zero time to sit down and gather my thoughts into writing. It is 4 a.m. and I cannot sleep and usually writing helps me 'let go'.

Landon is growing like a weed. We have not had his 4 month well check up due to him being sick but I am excited to find out what percentile he is in for weight/height. I know that he weighs 16lbs. and 4 oz. He is chunky for a 4 month old! Logan did not reach 16lbs. and he was 6 months old. Landon is definitely going to be bigger than Logan. 

We had a wonderful Easter with our friends. We were not able to travel to celebrate Jesus being alive with family but we were blessed to spend it with great friends.

Work is keeping me on my toes. We definitely are a hustle and bustle family. I would not trade any of it for anything. Every day I realize how truly blessed I am and how gracious God has been to my family and I. There are days when I wish a few things in our lives were different but for now, I know this is where God wants us. God is using us in ways I never thought possible. I am just following His plan for my life and keeping faith in God to provide.

Here are a lot of pictures over the past few weeks.

Landon's First St. Patrick's Day
Logan and Landon
The Whole Family
My grandparents came to visit on St. Patrick's Day

Playing at daycare.
Me and my boys.
Logan entertaining Landon.
Landon loves to smile at his big brother!
Logan and I.
We finally got Landon's crib/nursery set up!

Landon's First Easter

Logan konked out on Easter.
Landon looks like the Gerber baby!
Brushing his teeth like a big boy!

4 month old feet!

Landon turned 4 months old on 4/6

Family Easter Pictures!

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